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Flues in voids

People should be very aware of the extreme dangers that can occur from carbon monoxide poisoning. Many people have died from badly installed flues and from not getting regular gas safety and service checks annually. Without being able to fully check the flue carrying the products of combustion we cannot ensure that the flue is intact and not leaking deadly fumes into your household. The flue could be corroded and pumping carbon monoxide into your bedroom!! We have on many occasions when fitting these access panels encountered leaking flue pipes and then replaced the sections of pipe/elbows and connectors , then we have performed a carbon monoxide test through out the whole house to give all our customers full satisfaction and peace of mind that their families are in an up-to-date GAS SAFE house. (UK) LTD excels in this field as we have fitted hundreds of these panels with our extremely experienced team equipped with the latest of technology that other companies just don't have.  

Why choose a company that is not Gas Safe to do work that should leave the customer feeling perfectly safe. Other companies may not know what to look for in a damaged flue and leave your living area in a deadly situation especially as they may cause stress on flue joints when working to fit these hatches (this is so easily done).

You must choose competent engineers to carry out this work. We can provide the boiler with a service, Gas flue analysis and CO leak detection test with our computer system we can offer an instant print out of how well your boiler is running and then update are database with your details to then warn you annually 30 days prior to your next inspection.

We have flexible cameras with torch light facilities on to increase our visibility in the voids.

We guarantee our work and if our engineers believe that the area that needs the hatch is bad we can also offer to re-decorate the area.

Gas Safe Registered

  • Flues in voids technology
  • We are thorough with our inspection and equipped with the latest technology.
  • Advanced technology
  • Our flexible cameras enhances our methods and increase our visibility in the voids.